Tumble Classes

All classes will include conditioning to ensure muscle development for stability while learning tumbling skills. We train our athletes in a fun, safe and positive environment. With over fifty years of experience on our tumbling staff our philosophy is perfection before progression. Our goal is to ensure that your athlete continues to progress throughout their tumbling career. $35 registration fee per student. Families with more then 2 students pay $10 for each additional child. Students who withdraw from their monthly tuition based class lose their registration benefits and must pay their registration fee again when enrolling. Excite! has gym closing times throughout the year, the tuition is based on an average and is figured in on these needed breaks.

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Ages: 5-8
Time-Cost: 45 minutes $70
A perfect class for kids promoting from preschool classes/ hot shots to tumbling. Also for all new students to Excite! Learn the basics such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridges. We’ll start out by teaching basic tumbling safety rules and provide an evaluation for further placement.

Back Handspring Class

Ages: (Coach Approval Required)
Time-Cost: 45 minutes $70
A class focused on strengthening, spotting, and conditioning to perfect that tricky back handspring. Master it once and for all!


Ages: (7 & Up)
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95
Students will work on front walkovers and back walkover transitions through to back handsprings. Standing three back handsprings and at least round-off three back handsprings must be demonstrated before promoting to the next class.


Ages: (based on skill level)
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95
(Standing back tuck and/or a standing two or three back handsprings to back tuck required) Students will incorporate training for layouts (drills and stamina), standing tumbling to tucks and layouts, Front handspring fronts (w/ step-outs), punch-front step-outs and whips. In addition to our twisting clinics we will also introduce some twisting drills for fulls and doubles. Tumbling on the floor, drills on the tumble track and into the pit will be utilized.


Ages: (6 & Up)
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95
(Handstand, cartwheel required) In this class athletes will build on handstands, cartwheels, work on round-offs, back bend kick overs, front limbers, forward and back rolls.


Ages: 6 & Up
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95
This class will work on back walkovers and front walkovers,standing back handsprings, round-off back handspring, hand stand forward rolls, and back extension rolls.


Ages: (Based on Skill Level)
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95
(Standing back handspring series required) Students work on strengthening multiple standing back handsprings and introduction of technique with tucks (round off tucks, round off back handspring tucks and standing tucks) Punch fronts and front handsprings.


Ages: (based on skill level)

Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95

(Standing back tuck and standing two or three back handsprings to LAYOUT required) Students will incorporate training for Twisting (use of pit and tumble track) Introduction to Front Fulls, Arabians and 1 & 1/2 Twisting. In addition to our twisting clinics we will continue to work twisting drills for fulls and doubles. Tumbling on the floor, drills on the tumble track, spotting and tumbling into the pit will be utilized.


Ages: (based on skill level)

Time-cost: 55 minutes $95

(Running tumbling to twisting skills on the floor without a spot required) Technique and stamina training will be incorporated throughout. Fulls, Doubles, Standing Fulls, Standing tumbling to whip fulls and doubles, Arabian through transitions, 1 and 1/2 twisting transitions and other elite passes will be trained.

What to Wear

Girls: Please wear any color leotard and barefoot, no tights. Hair pulled back.
Boys: T-shirt, shorts (no loose or baggy clothing), no jewelry.

Excite! Family Offers

    • Add on a 2nd 55 minute class & save $20 with Second Class Discount
    • $20 off sibling monthly discount
    • $10 Excite Credit for referring a new customer (enrollment required)
    • $10 off 2nd 45 minute class

*all specials offers cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts / some restrictions may apply

All waiver, Policy & Credit Card Authorization form must be completed prior to enrolling. All team students, off location classes, off peak classes and all discounted class students are required to be on Auto Draft.

If your account is processed through our debt management for 3 or more months of tuition your account will be converted to our auto draft system with the credit card that you have on file with Excite! A late fee of $10 will be enforced on any account that is late in payment after the 8th of the month.

See above for monthly class tuition. Some specialty classes, off location classes or school program classes might have a different class rate. Boys pay the off peak class rate on any class that they enroll in, excludes preschool age classes.