Twisting Specific Class

Conditioning & Tumbling Program

Tues. & Thurs. June 2019 Dates Coming Soon! || 9-11:30am

Ages 7+* || $20/drop-in

Mark Ragar is holding a 6-week summer intensive session during 2019 summer. This is a special training plan for any athlete wanting to excel in body conditioning, flexibility, and tumbling training.

*Ratios will vary to help customer pricing / Ages 7 and up OR have Mark’s approval*

Goof Off Night

Dates Coming Soon! || 8-10pm

Ages 8+ || $20/child

Parents Night Out

Dates Coming Soon! || 6-9:30pm

Ages 3+ || $20/kiddo

Parents, give yourselves an evening off and drop your kids off at Excite! for organized games by age, pizza, open play, and movie time!

*Must enroll 1wk prior to avoid cancellations / non-refundable.

Cheer Mini Camp

Ages 5-11+ || $25/member | $30/otherwise

Learn all the cheer basics and even some of the routines! Have fun stunting, jumping, tumbling, and show off at the end of the week to a family!

Gymnastics Mini Camp

Ages 5-11+ || $25/member | $30/otherwise

Come and learn the basics to competitive team gymnastics, have a blast, and even show off the last day. Learn all about vault, bars, beam, and floor training!

Bar & Beam Intensive

Dates Coming Soon! || 1-2:30pm

Ages 6+ || $15/member | $18/otherwise

Learn all about bars and beams in this great intensive that will give your athlete an in-depth understanding from our experienced staff.

Daddy & Daughter Stunt Class

Summer 2019 Dates Coming Soon!