Parties For Ages 2 & Up

Come celebrate with Excite! We open our spaces to you and yours for birthday celebrations, holiday parties and much more. Take off the pressure of planning a party and let us do the work for you! We are here to give you the best experience possible. We don’t want you to have the same old party, we want you to have the PARTY YOU WANT!

Party Packages

All parties include: In-ground trampoline, 2 tumble tracks, Bars & Beams, Warp Wall, Foam Pit and more!

Tots Party Time! Special Package

Ages: 2 – 3 years
Time: 1 hr
: $95 for 15 kids (including birthday child), $8 each additional child

Includes: 20 minutes of games, 20 minutes of open gym and 20 minutes for cake/gift opening. One(1) adult actively supervising per child under the age of 3 is required for the best experience and safest environment.

Open Gym Party

Ages: 5 yrs and up
Time: 1 hour
: $150 for 15 kids/adults (including birthday child), $8 per each additional guest.

Includes: 1 party leader/coach to help with supervision, directing safety rules while kids enjoy gym FULL of options. 45 minutes gym time, 15 minutes private party room/cake room (inflatables not available). This is a great party for groups, organizations, and older kids.

Mini Party

Ages: 3 yrs and up
Time: 1 hr 
: $150 for 15 kids (including birthday child), $8 per each additional child.

Includes: Organized games and open gym play, electronic invitations, 45 minutes gym time, 15 minutes private party room/ cake room, 1 party leader, inflatables not available.

Adult Day Out

Time: 1 hr 
: $150 for up to 15, $8 per each additional attendee.

Team Building Games & Meeting Room Available.

Gym Bash Party Themes

Ages: 4 yrs and up
Time: 1 hr 30 minutes
: $240 for 15 kids (including birthday child), $8 each additional child

Includes:  Electronic invitation/rsvp’s, 2 party leaders, 1 hour gym time, 30 minutes private party room.


Get chased by sharks, beach ball craze, & jump the ocean.


Detectives and criminals battle it out, hide and seek, poison frog.


Ribbon rewards, gymnastic show-offs, & track & field.

Ninja Time

Warp wall, dodgeball, challenge course, & open gym.

Cheer It Up

Routines, pom poms, tumbling, & open gym.

Gym Play

Obstacle course, parachute, flip the mat & general gym play!


Princess and the pea, Pin The Crown, Royal Dress Up Relay.

Bubble Soccer *NEW*

Come enjoy the fun ages 8 and up!

ADD ON fee: $50.


Bubble Soccer Party NEW

Come enjoy the fun ages 8 and up!

ADD ON fees: $50

More Info

  • Party Times Available on the Excite! Parent Portal
  • $75 deposit required at booking, non-refundable.
  • Full payment for the cost of the party will be required for cancellations made within 7 days of party date.
  • All parties with children 3 & under require parent supervision & active involvement.
  • All kids left by parents must be potty trained.
  • Waivers Required for both Parents & Children

No party event is guaranteed private use of the gym. But your party will never feel crowded or not free to enjoy! Your cake room will be a private space! Kids under the age of 4 years can enjoy specially designed games for them. Tell us their personality and we will get to work to design for them!