Gymnastics Classes

Excite! offers gymnastics classes for preschool ages 2 years old and up, all levels, from beginner through advanced. You can join the gymnastics classes anytime! We are always enrolling and always advancing our participants. There are no semesters and NO Yearly Contracts! ONLY 30 Day Written Notice Required.

Here is great article by Luan Peszek, Vice President of Women’s Programs for USA Gymnastics, about why gymnastics is great for kids! Read the article here!

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Ages: Walking – 3 yrs
Time-Cost: 45 minutes $70 Introductory class to bars, beams and trampoline- includes fun interactive games. Guardians are required to actively participate in the class with their child. This a great way to see your child develop new skills with the supervised training of our coaches.


Ages: 4 – 5 yrs
Time-Cost: 45 minutes $70 Must be promoted from Shining Stars. The training will consist of interaction on the bars, beam, floor and vault while the curriculum is a little amped up with fun and energy. Shooting Stars must promote at age 6.


Ages: 6 & Up
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95 Great place for beginners. Introduction to basic skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor such as handstands, cartwheels, bridges, and more.


Ages: K-2nd Grade
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95 Ask coach for details.


Ages: 3-4 yrs
Time-Cost: 45 minutes $70 The first level to independent gymnastics training and a great place for beginners. It helps them learn how to be in a gymnastics class situation and follow rotations. Your little gymnast will have exposure to beam, bars, floor and vault.


Ages: 4-6 yrs
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95 Once achieving all skills in Shooting Stars, your gymnast will be promoted to Hot Shots 1. This class introduces chin up pull over, high beam, back bend kick overs and round offs.


Ages: 6 & Up
Time-Cost: 55 minutes $95 The final promotion step before team. Gym B will train those interested in  team and/or for recreational athletes that just want to push to the max on all apparatus skills.


Ages: 7 and Up
Time-Cost: 75 minutes $105 Our most advanced level of classes before team. Must be promoted from GYM B or evaluated by a gym team coach.

  • $20 off clasees that run off peak
  • $20 off for classes boys take *Excludes Preschool Gymnastics
  • $20 off 2ND MONTHLY CLASS DISCOUNT *Not Applicable, Discounted Classes, Off Peak Classes
  • $20 off SIBLING MONTHLY DISCOUNT* For full priced classes
  • $20 Discount for same day sign-up – one offer per family
  • $10 Referral

*Our Great Deals are not valid with any other special offer. Some restrictions will apply.

Be Sure to Read About Our Gymnastics Teams

Excite! gymnasts have the option of competing under two organizations; USA Gymnastics (USAG) or Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF). They are offered to gymnasts (ages 4 and up) who show excellent work ethic, a passion for gymnastics, and the ability to be a good team member. The TAAF competitive team is where most gymnasts will get their initial competition experience. Excite! is now offering the USAG program, Excel, for gymnasts ages 9 and up.

Gymnastics Teams

Registration Cost: $35 per student. Families with more then 2 students pay $10 for each additional child. Students who with draw from their monthly tuition based class lose their registration benefits and must pay their registration fee again when enrolling.

Excite! has gym closing times throughout the year, the tuition is based on an average and is figured in on these needed breaks.

All waiver, Policy & Credit Card Authorization form must be completed prior to enrolling.
All team students, off location classes, off peak classes and all discounted class students are required to be on Auto Draft.

If your account is processed through our debt management for 3 or more months of tuition your account will be converted to our auto draft system with the credit card that you have on file with Excite! A late fee of $10 will be enforced on any account that is late in payment after the 8th of the month.

See below for monthly class tuition. Some specialty classes, off location classes or school program classes might have a different class rate. Boys pay the off peak class rate on any class that they enroll in, excludes preschool age classes.

Gymnastics: Any color leotard and barefoot, no tights. Hair pulled back.
Boys: T-shirt, shorts (no loose or baggy clothing), no jewelry.