Clinics are a great opportunity for athletes looking to improve on specific skills and also a perfect compliment to those enrolled in other Excite! classes. All clinics are 30 minutes long.

*Clinic schedules change monthly and will be updated online. Check this site or refer to our monthly newsletter for up-to-date clinic information.

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Tumble Clinics

Price for each tumble clinic is $15/member, $18/non-members

Fast Start
Cartwheels, back walkovers, roundoffs

Back Tuck
Work on standing and running, must have round off 3 back handsprings

Level 2 Clinic
Back handsprings

Level 3 & Up Clinic
Standing BHS series required/standing tucks, round-off BHS, standing two BHS to tuck and punch fronts

Back Handspring
Heavy Spot And Training Drills For Back Handsprings

Layouts & Twisting
Solid Layouts, work on twisting from a Layout

Level 3 Clinic
Running back tucks, BHS multiples

Series Back Handspring
Handsprings with no spot, working on connecting multiples

Level 1 Clinic
Cartwheels & back walkovers

Level 4 Clinic
Layouts & standing backs

All clinics will be 30 minutes; 2 or more participants will go 45 minutes. Must enroll in advance to prevent clinic cancellation. No refunds if customer cancels in less than 24 hours or does not show up for their clinic. The Excite! waiver and policy agreements are required from each child and adult.

Cheer Specialties

College & High School Stunt, Only for College & High School Cheer Team Members
Drop-in clinic! No sign up necessary. The Excite! waiver and policy agreements are required from each child and/or adult.
Floor time, no spotting available. This clinic runs Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:15 pm. $2 per person.

Recreational City League Assistance

Tumble, Stunting, Jumps & Motions
Tumble, Stunting, Jumps & Motions Great for LFA, FMYA, LFYA etc. 45 min ($30, up to 6 cheerleaders, $5 each additional) $30 cost still applies if  less then 6 girls.

Call 972-874-8500 or email to schedule. Must pay when scheduling. Person scheduling must pay for the entire group.  No refunds for individuals or groups that are pre-paid for and no-show. The Excite! waiver and policy agreements are required from each child and adult.