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Cheer Philosophy

Here at Excite! we are in constant pursuit of excellence in training our athletes to do their very best, expecting nothing more but accepting nothing less. We are equally committed to your families experience with us by maintaining a strong character driven environment that will help to develop our future leaders.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!!!!!

At Excite! our mission is to train and instruct all children to the level of their full potential.  Excite! is committed to a program that is unique, fun and creative, offering a higher level of professional excellence.  Excite! measures success in kids’ smiles and strives to always do more, be more and give more!

At Excite!, we see ourselves responsible for more than just teaching skills, we need to lead by example and develop kids to a higher level of commitment, develop a great sense of character and integrity, team spirit and respectful behavior.  At Excite! We are not #1 our kids are!!

Encouraging Xtreme Character In Training Excellence

Cheer Teams

Excite! offers three levels of cheer teams to fit all skill levels. Check out our video which outlines our cores beliefs of practice, competition, hard work, comradely, family (ohana), training, fun, friendship, learning and success.

All Star Cheer

All-star Cheer is fun and exciting sport where athletes come together from many different areas to make one team. Much like select soccer or baseball, Allstar Cheer has a large demographic from which athletes participate. Unlike any other sport, Allstar cheer has no backups; meaning any obstacles that may arise have to be handled in real time, therefore commitment is paramount to this sport. Teams are compiled of athletes based on age and ability level. They come together to perform a 2 and 1/2 minute routine that is chock full of tumbling, jumps, stunts, pyramids, and dance elements. Judging is very similar to gymnastics whereas each mistake results in a deduction from the teams overall score.

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All Star Prep

Looking for a way to be involved in competitive cheerleading but don’t have the time or money for such a large commitment? All Star Prep is your answer. The teams will practice two hours a week to learn a two minute routine that they will take to up to three local competitions where they will be judge by national judges. We offer All Star Prep in both a half and full season capacity.  All Star Prep is a great way to introduce your athlete to competitive cheer.

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All Star Prep – Half Season

Our All Star Prep Half Season is a great opportunity to see if competitive cheerleading is for you and your athlete. It is the perfect program for those ending their LFA, FMYA, or LYFA cheer season and wanting to maintain their skills. Additionally, the Half Season requires less time in the gym for training, reduced financial commitment, and competes against other teams that train the same amount of time. In our Half Season option, you’re able to participate in community events and learn the importance of teamwork. Practices are held on Wednesday evenings and fees will be very similar to the full season All Star Prep teams. Email the Cheer Department or call 972-875-8500 for more information.

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Age Divisions

With the tremendous growth of all-star cheerleading over the last 2 decades, there arose a need for the industry to adopt standard divisions and levels. Prior to this, different competitions have had different regulations for how teams were to be divided and different rules for stunting and tumbling. Coaches would have to change the routines from week to week just to meet the various requirements of the competition they were going to that weekend.

The United States All-Star Federation (USASF) was created to help standardize the industry. The USASF took ideas from industry leaders from the competition companies (NCA, UCA, ACA, CheerSport, etc) and from respected all-star gym owners (including Excite!) and have developed a logical system of determining the various divisions and levels. These standards have been adopted by the vast majority of competitions that we will attend. Teams are typically broken down in 4 different ways: age, level, total number of athletes, and number of males.

All-star divisions are now determined purely by age. What grade you are in (or even if you are still in school) has absolutely no bearing on eligibility. To avoid an athlete’s eligibility changing during the year, there is a cutoff date. How old you are on AUGUST 31st will determine your “competition age” for that entire season. In other words, if you are 14 on August 31st, you compete as a “14 year old” for that entire season, even if you turn 15 on September 1st.

• International – 15 and up
• Senior – 10 – 18*
• Junior – 14 and under
• Youth – 11 and under
• Mini – 8 and under
• Tiny – 5 and under

*There are certain divisions that have different age restrictions.  This applies to USASF Worlds level 5 teams.